Transcription Service, 5 Minute Spotlight - 5 Things About LS Transcripts

1. Why choose LS Transcripts?

The business offers an appealing, professional transcription service supported by a high standard of quality, a guaranteed and realistic turnaround time, and a competitive pricing strategy.

2. Who chooses LS Transcripts - client professions and locations?

Clients using the service include Private Medical Practice Consultants, Social Care Professionals, Management Consultants, Academics, Market Researchers, and Business Owners. Client geographical locations include UK, Europe, USA, and Australia.

3. How do you maintain the business momentum with clients?

Keeping the client relationship at the centre of the workflow is key. Maintaining positive relations is good business practice and client satisfaction with the service is a thread that runs through the middle of LS Transcripts systems and processes.

4. How do you measure client satisfaction?

Key indicators used for measuring client satisfaction include client feedback and interactions with the business such as client compliments/complaints received, client recommendations within their networks, and repeat business.

5. How do you deal with complaints?

LS Transcripts has a process in place for managing complaints. The process has not required activation to date.

Contact us for a competitively priced quote for your transcription needs.

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