Transcription Service, 5 Minute Spotlight - 5 Tips for Recording Good Quality Audio to a Smartphone

Our transcription service offers a pricing strategy based on several components including the quality of the audio file to be transcribed. Poor audio quality often requires the transcriptionist to re-run file sections in a bid to complete the transcription task. The key benefit of managing the quality of audio recordings is reflected in our competitive pricing which is based on good audio recording quality.

To help you to ensure that your audio content is to the best quality possible for the environment you are working in, and to help keep your transcription service costs down, we have gathered some useful tips to share with you:

1. Eliminate background noise

Try to record in a ‘low’ or ‘no’ background noise level location. We use specialist transcription service software that has the capability to reduce some level of background noise but for the best results, it is prudent to assess and manage background noise reduction at the location.

2. Moderate

If your recording contains more than one speaker, it is important that the conversations are moderated to ensure that only one speaker is active at one time. It will affect your audio quality, and often the transcription service cost, if people speak over each other.

3. Pre-test audio equipment

Test the audio equipment in the location you are using prior to going live. This will allow you to assess background noise and in the case of several speakers, the moderator can record a small snippet of conversation with each speaker to ensure the range of voice capture is appropriate.

4. Direct speech to the device

Speak clearly into the general direction of the smartphone.

5. How to record audio to smartphone devices

It is very easy to audio record on your smartphone and if you haven’t tried it yet, or would benefit from further tips, we have attached the following link to a ‘Wiki How’ page to help you. It is an easy format to follow and provides an outline of how to audio record on several types of smartphone devices including iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphone. (Source: [accessed 6th February 2017])

We offer a competitively priced, high quality transcription service for professionals in the

medical, academic and commercial industry sectors:

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