Transcription Service, 5 Minute Spotlight – Our People: Transcriptionist Interview

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you came to be working with LS Transcripts?

I am a self-employed freelance transcriptionist. LS Transcripts helped me to find my way on the path to self-employment. It all began three and a half years ago. The job that I had wasn’t ideal for my work-life balance needs. I have a young family and my priority is to work around them and working with LS Transcripts provided me with the ability to manage that - I can choose when and how much to work each day, which is the perfect fit.

2. What would you say are the key benefits of working with LS Transcripts?

Self-employment. Self-responsibility. Flexibility. Freedom to manage my own work/life balance. Varied and interesting work. Prompt monthly payment.

3. How are the workflows exchanged?

Everything is done electronically. Generally, LS Transcripts will email me requesting my availability and offer work based on how many hours I want to take on over the coming period. I download the work package from LS Transcripts shared folder. The work packages contain templates and/or guidance notes and mainly comes with a deadline of a few days which makes it is easy for me to assess and organise the workload I take on. Once I have completed the work I upload it to the shared folder. I invoice LS Transcripts on a monthly basis and I always receive prompt payment.

4. As a freelance audio typist, what do you feel are the key skills required for this type of role?

A good audio typist must be flexible, reliable and able to manage their own time. They should be confident about producing quality, accurate work and take responsibility for themselves. They must have a strong understanding of the English language, grammar and punctuation. A good audio typist should always strive for perfection.

5. Would you recommend working with LS Transcripts?

I would recommend working for LS Transcripts. As I said, LS Transcripts helped me on my path to self-employment. Our business relationship is professional and based on mutual respect. My invoices are always paid on time on a monthly basis. Lindsay is very supportive of her team and enjoys seeing them improve and advance.

Interview conducted with DQ (Self-employed Transcriptionist) 8/12/2016

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