Transcription Service, 5 Minute Spotlight - Working with LS Transcripts (Est. 2013)

1. Why work with LS Transcripts?

We are a steadily growing business. We pride ourselves on providing top quality transcripts and aim to encourage the best self-employed, professional audio typists in the industry to work with us. Our dedicated team of experienced transcriptionists (audio typists) receive clear standards and guidelines to follow with realistic associated turnaround times related to individual or batch tasks, and our invoice payment system ensures that our competitive rates are paid monthly, promptly and routinely.

2. Why target self-employed workers?

LS Transcripts is targeting the self-employed sector of the labour market because we think this employment option is highly complementary to achieving work/life balance in the transcription industry. Also, the Office of National Statistics (UK) indicates an increasing trend in the self-employed sector of the labour market and we are tapping into that:-

"The level of self-employment in the UK increased from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015. While this strong performance is among the defining characteristics of the UK’s economic recovery, the recent rise in self-employment is the extension of a trend started in the early 2000s."

( ; release date 13 July 2016; [accessed online 13/10/2016])

3. What tools and skills does a transcriptionist (audio typist) need?

The required tools include a PC/laptop, connection to the internet, email account, headset and foot pedal. The key skills include a quick and accurate typing speed and an excellent grasp of the English language.

4. What is the recruitment process you use?

We encourage paperless communication to support the environment. We add a 'Jobs' page to our website when we are recruiting which provides clear guidance and access to our recruitment process.

5. How often do you recruit?

We recruit several times throughout the year and we always advertise jobs via our website. We have experienced steady growth since establishing the business in 2013. Through monitoring of the steady growth in demand while mapping out our recruitment needs, we identified that multiple recruitment drives throughout the year suited our business aim to encourage the best self-employed, professional transcriptionists to join our team. If you are interested in working with LS Transcripts, keep an eye on our website for opportunities.

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