Medical Transcription Service - 24 Hour Turnaround

Since establishing the business in 2013, LS Transcripts is providing a private, confidential, routine and reliable transcription service for several private practice medical and social work professionals.

Our service is designed to be sensitive to your timeline requirements. We understand that balancing time is key to your workload and we offer 24 hour turnaround to our existing key clients.

Within our existing client group, the independent psychiatric and social work arena is a key market sector. We are highly experienced in the transcription of psychiatric, medical and social work files relating to the following areas of work:-

* Best Interest Assessments

* Mental Capacity Assessments

* Mental Health Act Assessments

* Section 12 Approved Forms

* Expert Witness Reports

* Independent Psychiatric Reports

* General Dictation

Click the link below to view our dedicated Medical Transcription web page for further information and to request a quote.

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