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LS Transcripts is steadily picking up pace in the academic transcription sector and believe it is due to our emphasis on accuracy and research skills for complex terminology. The LS Transcripts team of professional transcriptionists and proof-readers are highly experienced at what they do, and excellent listening and research skills are highly prioritised within the recruitment process.

Lindsay Smith, Owner of LS Transcripts, believes that excellent listening skills, attention to detail, and the ability to research terminology are core competencies of a transcriptionist, particularly in the academic area of the business.

“The key thing, as with all transcription requests, is that our staff understand the importance of accuracy as well as ensuring correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Our experience of working with the academic community is that topics vary widely and often contain specific terminology. We encourage our staff to pull on their research skills to identify terminology so that transcripts can be completed to the full. Clients from the academic sector using our service have, in some cases, been with us now for the four years we have been in business. We are picking up the pace in this sector and it is the excellent listening and research skills of the team that enables us to meet the needs of this market.

Generally, we are asked to transcribe interviews, conference calls, lectures and seminars, and presentations. We have delivered high quality transcripts for professors, lecturers, students, and for academic researchers during our four years in business. The requests from the academic community can be lectures, dictated notes, one-to-one interviews and discussions, small group meetings, and large group conferences. Audio files can come in the style of smartphone or Dictaphone recordings, teleconferences or video conferencing systems, and professional recording equipment. We work with all available technologies.

In summary, we are steadily picking up pace in this sector and I believe it is due to our emphasis on accuracy and research. We aim to provide our clients with excellent, competitively priced transcripts, on time and every time.”

Lindsay Smith, Business Owner, LS Transcripts

Try our service for a fast, accurate and competitively priced transcript. We offer a 3 working day turnaround at a starting price of £0.85 per audio minute for intelligent verbatim requests. Click here to visit our rates page where we currently offer our new client 10% INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT on your first file/project processed through our business. Click here to contact us for a quote.

Please note: Full verbatim requests incur additional charges and are quoted on request.

We adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and to the following legislation:-

  • Data Protection Act 1998

  • Privacy and Electronic Communication EC Directive Regulations 2003

  • Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999

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