Transcription Service, Client focused service delivery – high volume project support drives a busine

At LS Transcripts, client focused service delivery is a key driver for continuous improvement planning. LS Transcripts aim to develop and deliver a top quality transcription and proofreading service for all of our clients.

2016/17 - a good year? Lindsay Smith, LS Transcripts (Owner) provides an overview of the year.

“We have a great team supporting the business. It has indeed been a good year. We have maintained a consistent existing client base again this year, and we have welcomed new clients too.

A key indicator that has particularly driven change for us during the past year is the increase in demand for high volume project support. We increased our capacity in response to this growing demand by our clients, and we have transcribed specialist and technical content for clients from across the world within the medical, academic and commercial sectors. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs, and our team (who are all self-employed transcriptionists and proofreaders) have welcomed the challenge of working with specialist and technical content.”

Our extremely varied work packages for 2016/2017 included:

Management consultant training delivery. (Podcast series/single speaker).

PhD research on European spatial city planning. (Teleconference interview series/multiple speakers).

Disease prevention; cancer, heart disease (Meetings, Summits, Roundtables/multiple speakers)

Psychiatric assessments (Dictation/single speaker)

Hospitality and Tourism in Scotland (Webinar series, multiple speakers)

Lindsay, continues;

“Feedback and testimonials received from clients highlight high levels of satisfaction with our service – thank you. We make it our business to deliver a high quality transcription service. Along with our team of well-trained transcriptionists and proofreaders, we are anticipating further growth of high volume projects in a variety of topics, and we are experienced and comfortable with the challenge.”

Click here to access our rates page – we deliver accurate, fully proofread transcripts within 3-working days.

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Medical transcription – we understand the urgency of information exchange in the medical sector and we apply 24-hour turnaround time.

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