Transcription Service, Outsourcing Decision Making – made easy.

Peter Drucker (see attached image) advised companies to, ‘Do what you do best, and outsource the rest’. Outsourcing the transcription/audio typing function of your business can help you to reduce administrative costs, and help you to be more flexible and manage growth effectively because your in-house people resource can be maximized to address core tasks.

Outsourcing the transcription/audio typing function to LS Transcripts can be a low risk and cost effective decision for SMEs and start-ups. In some SMEs and start-ups, the person undertaking the transcription/audio typing or general typing task will have a wide remit. In some cases, the typing task is completed by the business owner, or by professional staff who are expected to undertake their own typing task – could the time taken to type be better utilized? While we manage your transcription/audio typing function, you and your in-house staff resource will not be tied to typing, but will be free to concentrate on core business activities.

Here are three questions to help you with your outsourcing decision, as applied to LS Transcription delivering the transcription/audio typing function for your business, and in relation to key areas outlined in the Outsourcing Guide published by Business Gateway.

· Will outsourcing free up your business to focus on its strengths? This might benefit your business by allowing your staff to concentrate on their main tasks and on the future strategy.

Free up your time and/or resources - audio files of business meetings, telephone conversations, consultations, conferences, interviews and general dictation can be emailed directly to for processing. Your audio file will be returned to you along with a high-quality transcript of your content within a short, agreed timeline, while you are moving forward on key tasks such as your next meeting, telephone call, consultation, or interview.

· Will it improve your efficiency or customer service? Choose an outsourcing company that specialises in the process or service you want them to carry out for you.

We are low risk - LS Transcripts takes full responsibility for the security and management of your audio and transcription file throughout our process. We adhere to strict guidelines. Click here to view our process.

We provide flexibility – LS Transcripts undertake both routinely managed and ad-hoc transcription requests. We will work to your business formats and templates. LS Transcripts specialises in the transcription/audio typing function which includes a proof reading service.

LS Transcripts was founded four years ago and the team contains experienced people from the legal, medical, management and commercial fields.

· Will your business gain a competitive advantage? Outsourcing can bring flexibility to a business, turning fixed costs into variable costs and freeing up capital. It can also give your business the edge when adapting to changing market conditions.

Cost effective – LS Transcripts offer a competitively priced service and aim to provide you with a cost-effective service. You, as a business owner choosing to outsource your transcription function, could glean cost efficiencies within your business as your in-house people resource will be concentrating on higher priority core business activities, while we look after your transcription/audio typing function.

Efficiency gains through technology use - recording business meetings, consultations, interviews and general dictation to audio files using technologies such as smart phone or computer audio or video applications, teleconference and video conference suites, or digital Dictaphone system allows you to capture content without using your staff resource to undertake minute taking, or note taking. If you can record it, LS Transcripts can transcribe it. click here to see LS Transcripts blog – recording good audio quality to a Smartphone device tips.

Contact us to take advantage of your ‘new client 10% discount’.

In 2009, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals inducted Peter Drucker into its ‘Outsourcing Hall of Fame’, for his contribution to business and society - a highly-regarded accolade.

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