Transcription Service: Value Dimension: interview with Lindsay Smith, Business Owner, LS Transcript

What is the value dimension?

Whilst researching customer satisfaction and loyalty as part of my own personal development, I came across a really useful blog article on Ron Kaufman’s website. He is a columnist and best-selling author. The blog highlights that to be successful in business, you have to give customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. As a transcription service business owner, I am always interested in improving the ‘one-to-one’ service to match every customer’s ‘value dimension’ and Kaufman features seven characteristics that help achieve this.

How did you apply this to your business?

The first three features are around treating each customer as unique individuals, personalising the service around individual needs, and building learning relationships. An example of how we apply these features to our business is by adding a personalised service element to the process for a client who requested that we post their documents to their recipient on completion of the transcription process. It is the little things that count.

Is there a single key feature that appealed to your business the most?

No. It is important to apply all seven of the features to achieve maximum impact. The fourth feature is about helping customers to know and work with you efficiently. We produced a process map showing what the customer can expect when choosing LS Transcripts as their transcription service. The process map is colour coded and all ‘blue’ elements highlight customer interaction stages. It also aims to help our existing and potential clients to understand our process and shows that we are a transparent business. Also, feature five is around client dialogue, observing usage and making adjustments to satisfy their needs as part of future planning. Knowing what your clients expected transcription needs are in advance and adjusting the service to meet these needs makes good business sense. We ask our clients to advise us if they have high quantity content requests coming through in the future so that we can plan to complete these requests on time. Click here to view our process.

Feature six is around asking and acting upon client feedback. How do you collect feedback from your clients?

We ask our clients if they are satisfied with the transcription service they received, not just at the beginning of the business relationship, but as part of the ongoing transcription service. For example, we will ask if they are satisfied with the transcript prior to handing the work package to our finance section for invoice processing. Additionally, we now send out a short survey to new clients on completion of their first transcript being completed, and annually to our existing client base, most of whom we have retained since their first interaction with LS Transcripts.

What kind of questions do you ask?

We generally ask questions around their satisfaction with the process we use to manage their transcription request, how they viewed the overall quality standard, if they would recommend LS Transcripts within their network, and we provide a free text box where clients can add information about their experience of working with us.

What kind of feedback have you received and how will you act upon it?

Mainly, our clients who completed the survey indicate that they are ‘very satisfied’ with the transcription service and the overall quality, and are ‘very likely’ to recommend LS Transcripts. This feedback shows us that our standards, processes and procedures are fit for purpose. We refer to this feedback as part of our quality review process. Free text feedback received state that LS Transcripts transcription service provides an “excellent, prompt service”, we “consistently provide high quality work…on time”, are “very helpful”, and that we provide an “accurate and reliable service”. This feedback shows that our relationship with customers is positive and indicates that we should keep up the good work – we have not received any complaints about LS Transcripts during our four years in business.

Is there anything else you would like to add around the subject of ‘value dimension’?

The sixth feature outlined in Ron Kaufman’s blog post is about providing information for people asking for something that you do not provide. Our transcription business focuses on a specific service and we do not generally receive requests that do not fit with our service provision, but we would always try to provide information that moves a customer forward, if it is within our knowledge.

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View Ron Kaufman’s blog ‘The Ultimate Value Dimension’ (sourced: August 2017 [online])

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