100,000 - We Made It!

100,000 number plus fireworks - celebrating 100,000

It’s time for celebrations - we made it! Our overarching objective, set during our first year as part of our start-up plan, has been achieved.

Our objective:

  • Deliver high-quality transcribed and proofread documents for professionals in the medical, academic and commercial business fields to the value of 100,000 audio minutes within the first five years of operation.

Lindsay Smith, Business Owner at LS Transcripts, describes what this means for the business.

“We are over the moon. During the past five years, we have built a loyal client base and delivered high quality transcripts for professionals working in a broad variety of fields. LS Transcripts has processed 100,000 audio minutes through the business. It would not have been possible without the hard work of our skilled and professional team who are an integral part in supporting the business, and to our clients who have continually selected LS Transcripts as their go-to transcription service. It has been a fantastic five years!

We outlined our objective in a recent blog, ‘Transcription Service: Sharing Insights - Objective Monitoring’. We try to share insights and information that may be useful to other new business owners, and this particular blog post highlighted objective setting and the importance of data collection and monitoring within that process. Our objective was geared towards building a constant work inflow and a strong client base, and here we are at our target of 100,000 minutes and our client retention is up there in the 90% plus bracket.

We have learned a lot over time and we plan to build on these lessons. Now, we are reviewing and closing our current five-year strategy and developing our business plan for the coming years, moving forward.

Thank you to everyone – our team, our clients, and all of the people who have provided support and advice over these early years - we made it, thanks to you."

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