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LS Transcripts provide excellent quality transcripts delivered in a timely manner at competitive rates. We work with clients within the medical, academic, and commercial fields and have included a summary of our services below.

Medical Transcription

LS Transcripts offer transcription support for professionals within the medical sector. In our experience, our medical sector clientele tend to have regular, ongoing workload which is often relatively urgent in nature.


In order to accommodate our medical clients’ needs, we offer a standard 24 hour turnaround for this type of file.

Some of our medical audio typing projects have included:

- Independent Psychiatric Reports

- Best Interests Assessments

- Deprivation of Liberty Assessments

- Medical Market Research 

- Medicolegal Reports

Commercial Transcription

LS Transcripts provide transcription support for businesses throughout the UK and further afield. The content varies significantly throughout the different business areas we work with, however we have experience transcribing the following pieces of work:

- HR Meetings (Welfare, Disciplinary, Grievances, Flexible Working)

- Business Meetings 

- Conferences

- Keynote Speakers

- Roundtable Meetings

- Factfinding Interviews

- Podcasts

Academic Transcription

At LS Transcripts, we transcribe audio and video content in a wide range of topics for students, lecturers, and academic researchers. We have worked on transcription projects for several universities in Scotland.

Some examples of the work we have carried out include:

- Research Interviews 

- Lectures 

- Focus Groups

- Presentations

- PhD Interviews

Further Information

We appreciate that confidentiality is key, therefore we provide a signed confidentiality agreement prior to the inception of every typing project as well as exchange files through a secure platform.

We offer a 10% introductory discount as standard for all new clients. Further discretionary discounts are applicable for high volume projects.

We offer verbatim, intelligent verbatim, or edited styles of transcript. 


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