Transcription Service, Think Telecommunication - Think Outsourcing

Outsourcing components of the administrative function to contact centres and virtual offices, and promoting remote working are options many companies use these days. With the telecommunication technology available, could your business become more efficient by outsourcing components of the administrative function?

Technology advancement has perhaps introduced an expectation that everyone can, and should do their own word processing or data input, but are professionals really being fully utilized if they are expected to undertake these tasks, or would outsourcing these components of the administrative function be more cost effective so that professional staff can concentrate on delivering the core skills of their role?

Remote working is common these days and if you are already doing it, you will have the mobile technology and policies in place to manage this task. However, is it faster and easier for a professional, remote worker to audio record information and instructions, email the audio file to a transcription service, have the transcript completed and emailed back, rather than undertake the data input or word processing task themselves?

The roles of administrators these days is also very broad. While preparing operational plans for the coming period, do you consult with your administrators (and professional staff) to identify whether or not they could deliver their core skills more efficiently if the option of outsourcing such tasks was available?

In business, every penny has to be used intelligently. The technology and security systems are available to allow safe and secure outsourcing. Embedding the concept of remote working to save money on facilities (office space) costs is already a reality for many companies, but has the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing such components of the professional job roles (such as the data input and word processing administrative components) really been evaluated with the same importance as part of the business planning process?

It is worth thinking about. While thinking about the telecommunications capability of your business in the planning of operational activity, it is also worth thinking about outsourcing some components of your administrative function.

On this note, we are here to help by offering clients cost effective data input and word processing from audio files and video files at competitive rates. We transcribe dictation, meetings, consultations, interviews, teleconferences, video conferences, webinars and podcasts. We will transcribe or input your content to your specific, specialised documentation if required.

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